Simple Steps To Write An Essay On Book Review

  • Simple Steps To Write An Essay On Book Review

Book reviews are an important part of academia. Student at all levels such as high school, college and universities are asked to submit book reviews. The review is written like a short or brief scholarly essay instead of a descriptive book. 


A book review states the writer’s opinion or point of view and you incorporate your viewpoint. It will encompass an investigation of the author’s purpose, thematic elements, and association. 


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In order to write a review of any book, you need to read the book and learn the art of how to present your review of that book. Most people read the book and are unaware of the points that they should focus on and mark and then write it in your review. In this article, you will learn how to write your book review and some important tips on reading and writing.


Well, if you’re all set with reading and already find a calm place to sit and read, what to do next? Before start reading, you should consider these three things;



What does it advocate?


Introduction or Prologue: 

Gives sufficient information about the writer’s objectives or the scope of the book. Can you spot any limitations? Do you think the author has ignored any key point about the subject?


Index of the book:

Reveals the organization of the book such as main concepts, how they’re evolved like contemporary, chronologically, etc.


Here you start reading the book. For writing review, you should structure your essay or ask essay writer in three main points that are given below.




The first thing that you write in your essay should be the introduction to your topic. For writing an introduction you should consider such points:


  • Express the theme, book cover, and title
  • Cover the subtitles as well
  • Give a little introduction about the author, his/her famous publishings and background




  • Write a short description of the book
  • Introduce the key points of the body of your book
  • Do not mention your opinion at this stage as you’re making ground for your audience to understand what was in the book. 




  • Take at least 3 quotations from the book
  • Sum up the quotations in your words
  • Here you’ll explain your perspective regarding the quotes
  • Write or explain each point in paragraphs




  • Recap the quotations briefly
  • Abridge the explanations
  • Conclude it by using a wrapping sentence
  • Mention your final persuasion or opinion
  • Rate the book (Optional) 


Step-by-Step Guide To Write A Book Review


You can write a review of any book whether it’s a short story, academic literature, novel or anything. The exercise of writing a review is applicable to all books regardless of their genres. No matter what type of book you select for writing a review, the format of writing the review remains constant. 


To write a book review, you need to consider the given structure and key points.


  1. Select A Book
  2. Planning/ Designing
  3. Introduction/ Opening of your essay
  4. Body
  5. Wrap up/ Conclusion


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